Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nov. 2/2011 Market Update

Short term cycles are bottoming. The Euro should advance higher against the dollar. We should see a higher euro from current price 1.3725.

The same goes for the British currency. Current price 1.5980

We expect the USD to stop moving higher in a few hours. Short term cycles are topping, which means the Canadian dollar should be stronger. Current price 1.0182. So as the Canadian dollar get strong, we should see a lower number from the current price. In a few days though we will be buyers of USD and sellers of Canadian dollar due to long term cycles bottoming.

Dow Jones Futures

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed 2.48% down, or lost 297.05 points on November 1st/2011. For November 2/2011 we expect the Dow Jones and in general the Stock Market to move higher. 



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