Friday, November 4, 2011

Market Update Nov. 4th/2011. "Dump the Dollar"

Short term cycles are still pointing upwards. Current price is 1.3815, and we do expect a stronger Euro. Don't be surprised if the 1.40 level is reached.

Short term cycles are suggesting a higher pound from the current level of 1.6010.

Shorting this pair is a good idea. Even though cycles aren't strong enough pointing a lower dollar, based on crude oil going higher we expect the Canadian dollar to be strong. There is inverse relationship between the price of crude and this pair. As Crude gets expensive, this currency pair goes down and vice versa.

Based on Short term cycles, it seems its a great entry point to go long the Aussie from the current price level of 1.0397.

To us it seems the dollar is a loser across the board. Based on our system Gold is a major BUY both short and long term cycles are pointing higher Gold prices from current level of $1760. We are long Gold and have open positions.

The poor mans gold is also in a nice uptrend. You wont be disappointed if you buy silver at current prices of $34.57.

Crude Oil 
Crude is in a nice uptrend. You still can profit by buying Crude futures from current price levels of $94.25. We have Long Crude position open.

The S&P500 closed at 1261.15 on Nov 3/2011. For Nov 4/2011, we shall see a higher prices from current futures cash price of 1258.9. We are long the S&P500 and have open position.

On Nov.3/2011, the Nasdaq gained 2.20% or added 57.99 points and closed at 2697.97. For Nov 4/2011, we expect the Nasdaq to continue to advance higher. Current future cash price is 2367, therefore by market close on Nov 4th/2011, the Nasdaq should close a lot higher than the current future cash price of 2367.

Dow Jones Industrial Average
Go long the Dow. Current future cash price is 12036, by close of the market on Nov 4th/2011 the Dow should be way higher.

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